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In Tukdojimaharaji’s “Gramgeeta” it is said that future saints, philosophers, social workers, grate personalities are remain hidden among the children; they need only proper guidance to achieve their goals. In other words, living a pure and divine life, exactly as per the wishes of Lord and therefore encompassing a level of purity in oneself where Lord would reside. It is essential that this is instilled in our Children so that they can fulfill this need, as they are the future which will shape our “tomorrow”. They are in essence the saints of the social arena and the roots of the spiritual arena. Children are innocent and like clean slates. They can therefore be moulded to lead divine lives and collectively can create a divine society for the future.For this Sanskar Santha is established with inspiration of thoughts of  Rashtra Sant Tukdoji Maharaj and  H.H. Pujya Shoonyoji Maharaj and working in a very remote area.

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