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About Us

In Tukdojimaharaji’s “Gramgeeta” it is said that future saints, philosophers, social workers, grate personalities are remain hidden among the children; they need only proper guidance to achieve their goals. In other words, living a pure and divine life, exactly as per the wishes of Lord and therefore encompassing a level of purity in oneself where Lord would reside. It is essential that this is instilled in our Children so that they can fulfill this need, as they are the future which will shape our “tomorrow”. They are in essence the saints of the social arena and the roots of the spiritual arena. Children are innocent and like clean slates. They can therefore be moulded to lead divine lives and collectively can create a divine society for the future.For this Sanskar Santha is established with inspiration of thoughts of  Rashtra Sant Tukdoji Maharaj and  H.H. Pujya Shoonyoji Maharaj and working in a very remote and naxal affected area.



The area where as the Sanskar started  working is very remote and highly affected by Naxal activities. Sanskars vision is that each and every child and youth who enrolls at the Sanskar will be given not only education but also moral values. Their life will be enriched with moral values that will enable them to lead a physical life as well as divine life embellished with a true conscious presence of the Lord. The main role of the Sanskar  is to provide them with the strength and passion to continue shining with Moral value and ultimately to enable their life transformation to inspire a transformation in others. Education is essential, however good values are just as essential, if not more so.



Today’s modern environment is hugely materialistic and centered towards accumulation and encouraging negative traits such as addiction, violence, disrespect etc in early youth. The Sanskar instills moral values from a young age in order that all such negative traits can be eliminated at inception. This provides a firm foundation, allowing the individual to aspire to a bright future and to enable future generations to have the same. It is with these ideals that Sanstha run various activities and trainings.


The ‘Sanskar’  is not just a building; it is a place where the sculpting of a truly honorable life begins. The members work relentlessly to enable this process.


History of Sanstha

To create interest about education among children and to brought them in the main stream of development the workers/volunteers of the Sanstha visited door to door and made them aware about it and invited for group prayer.  They also made aware that in a nominal fee (for poor no fee) they will get tuition and by this way they were joined to this mission.


PRAYER, MEDITATION And social Service

Prayer is not associated with a particular caste or religion.  In fact it is for creation of world brotherhood and peace (Humanity).  Without putting any idol of god of any religion just taking a asana (seat) the prayer is made.  During the prayer the guidance of saints, Wiseman, philosopher, experts were given and still it is continued. By practical all students give social service with their studies.



Due to the creation of above environment the qualities like service, charity, character development, awareness about carrier, spiritual thoughts were developing in children by which children were and are rescued from bad habits and also saved their money.  By this saved money these children with the help of good villagers adopted other children for education, destitute old aged persons. To make these activities more transparent the “Sanskar Sanstha” has been established and registered as trust.



From starting till now society got great support of . We are unable to write all names but some heartly thankful supporters……
  1. Shri. Sant Gajanan Maharaj Sansthan Shegao Dist-Buldhana MS.
  2. Shri Purushottamji Gadewar Shri. Gajanan Rice Mill Etapalli Dist-Gadchiroli MS.
  3. Late Swa. Acharya Shri. Vyankateshwarrao ji Aheri Dist- Gadchiroli MS
  4. Acharya Jotsna didji Nizamabad AP.
  5. Shri. Chandu Patil Markwar Adarsh Rajghar Dist-Chandrapur MS
  6. Shri. Milindji Sufale Brahmapuri MS.
  7. Shri. Damodarji Sarda (C.A.) Sarda Assosiates chandrapur MS
  8. Shri. Ashwin Mediwar, Mediwar Constractions Aheri Dist- Gadchiroli MS
  9. Shri. P.D. Thawre Gadchiroli MS
  10. Shri. Dhote Sir Aheri Dist- Gadchiroli MS.
  11. Dr. Agrawal, Panagar Dist-Jabalpur MP
  12. Mr. Amit Jandhyalwar Ask Traders chandrapur MS.
  13. shri. Bidhan Mandal Todsa,Etapalli Dist-Gadchiroli MS.