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We, humbly, request you to donate generously to support Sanskar Sanshta Projects and support us in this noble cause of helping the underprivileged. If you would like to have more information Pls feel free to contact us Read more>>


Well Bred Center (Susanskar Kendra)

To make well-bred on the children from their childhood the society is running a well-bred center in which about 150 students are participating.  In this center the children are making aware about prayer, yogas, pranayam, keeping equality among all religions. Also they are being given intellectual training and computer by experts.  The society is also arranging competitions in this behalf.  By the hands of these children the society is providing help under the scheme of akshay adhar yojna to the old aged, weaker sections of the society every month.


Free Coaching

To create interest about education among children of the vicinity and to brought them in the main stream of development they are being invited for group prayer.  They also made aware that in a nominal fee, in case of poor no fee is being charged.  In these classes more than 200 children are participating and getting their education. 


Shaikshanik Dattak Yojna

The society is partly or fully adopting the clever students, who are poor, partly or fully.  Under this scheme, students who are not getting any aid or assistance from Government/semi government institutions, society is providing tuition classes, computer training, art training and other educational material to such students. In some cases the society is paying their admission fee, house rent and other things.  Under this scheme 90 students are benefited and taking their education this year.


Akshay Adhar Yojna

The society is providing some grocery to the destitute old aged families and also assisting them in preparing documents so that they get the aid from Government also.  The volunteers of the society are carrying on the minor repairs of house of such families.  In the year 2010-11 some of the families were benefited.  The workers of the society are voluntarily giving their services in this behalf.


Computer Training

As the area is remote, the children of this area are educationally backward and also having no computer knowledge. The society is providing computer training so that the computer literacy can be enhanced. Shri Sanst Ganjanan Maharaj Sansthan given 5 Computers to Sanskar.  The society is also planning to provide E-education to these children.



To create the interest in reading, among the people in the vicinity, a public library is run by the society.  By this way society is providing various books to the needy persons who are poor and not able to purchase the said books.


Free Coaching for 10th & 12th Failed Students

Society runs free  Coaching center for 10th and 12th students. The students getting their education in area of Society are maximum Scheduled Tribes.(S.T.).Only 10 % students try to pass again and remainings left their education, so much of students spoil  their life in involving negative organisations in Forest area. Society gives them free coaching and free books as library. to get succeseed in their failed exams. So society also guides and helps to get admission in further education. 


Free Competitive Exam Coaching Center

Society runs free competitive Coaching center.  The area where as society working is very remote, so much of youth are unaware of competitive exams. Society gives them free coaching and free books as library. So much of students of Gadchiroli district are belongs from Tribal and remote area, There is no facility to get good education. So society also guides and helps to get admission in Higher education. 





The society is planning to establish and run a “Gurukul” in which all categories of children will be admitted without discriminating their caste, culture and language.  Especially those children, who were failed/unsuccessful and kept away from the society, will be admitted on priority basis.


In this Gurukul they were made aware about model discipline and training will be provided to them about motorcycle, T.V., Computer, Motor pump, four wheeler repairing.  They will also provide agricultural training so that they will get modern techniques of farming.


Your cooperation and advice will be highly solicited in the various projects run by the society and also in future projects.